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Cafe Cortadito • $$ ★4.1/5

"Cortadito feels like a paladar, one of the restaurants in private homes that the Castro government allows because they bring in tourist dollars. It's partly the ambience, the wooden bar, cigar labels on the walls and the Buena Vista Social Club on the sound system. It's partly the loving welcome you get from the guayabera-clad waitstaff"


$25 Gift Card

($27.50 VALUE)


$50 Gift Card

($55 VALUE)


$100 Gift Card ($110 VALUE)


$200 Gift Card ($220 VALUE)

To help the restaurants, with each gift card purchased, Cuculi will be adding an 

additional $10 credit (1000 points)* which can be used at ANY participating restaurants.

*Only applicable once for each person

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