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La Gioconda • $$ ★4.4/5

La Gioconda, the widely used name in Italy for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa, evokes the idea of utmost classic beauty. The legendary smile of the Monalisa has, also, forever spelled on the onlookers an aura of mysteriousness.
We thought it would be a name ,La Gioconda, that would best define our commitment to bring to the table a cuisine of classic Italian recipes and at the same time bring to our customers newer and more modern versions of the ever-evolving Italian culinary panorama.
Indeed from pastas to dessert you will experience at La Gioconda the same feeling of merriment that the Monalisa exudes through her beautiful smile.
A tavola. 

$25 Gift Card

($27.50 VALUE)


$50 Gift Card

($55 VALUE)


$100 Gift Card ($110 VALUE)


$200 Gift Card ($220 VALUE)

To help the restaurants, with each gift card purchased, Cuculi will be adding an 

additional $10 credit (1000 points)* which can be used at ANY participating restaurants.

*Only applicable once for each person

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