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Madame Vo • $$ ★4.5/5

Founded by husband-wife owners Yen Vo and Chef Jimmy Ly, Madame Vo brings homestyle Vietnamese food prepared with the best ingredients and lots of love to New York City’s East Village.


Our flagship, Madame Vo Kitchen, opened in early 2017 serving comforting family recipes & regional specialties passed down by Yen and Jimmy’s parents. In 2019, we opened Madame Vo BBQ, which pays homage to the celebratory tradition of Vietnamese barbecue and beef seven ways.


$25 Gift Card

($27.50 VALUE)


$50 Gift Card

($55 VALUE)


$100 Gift Card ($110 VALUE)


$200 Gift Card ($220 VALUE)

To help the restaurants, with each gift card purchased, Cuculi will be adding an 

additional $10 credit (1000 points)* which can be used at ANY participating restaurants.

*Only applicable once for each person

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