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Secchu Yokota • $$$$ ★5/5

Secchu Yokota offers contemporary Japanese omakase with a focus on seasonal tempura.

It takes its name from the Japanese term “wayou secchu,” which literally translates to “Japan & west” “compromise”, and refers to the blending and coming together of Japanese and western ideas and styles. Our offerings reflect the diverse cultural and culinary backgrounds of Atsushi Yokota (chef) and Nicholas Seider (chef de cuisine).

At Secchu Yokota, you will find Japanese and western ingredients, flavors and techniques that compliment and play off of each other to offer guests a unique and intimate dining experience.


$25 Gift Card

($27.50 VALUE)


$50 Gift Card

($55 VALUE)


$100 Gift Card ($110 VALUE)


$200 Gift Card ($220 VALUE)

To help the restaurants, with each gift card purchased, Cuculi will be adding an 

additional $10 credit (1000 points)* which can be used at ANY participating restaurants.

*Only applicable once for each person

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