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Street Taco • $$ ★4.3/5

Street Taco: a casual corner bar and taqueria in Gramercy featuring heritage-driven Mexican street food and inspired Mexican street art. Our menu fuses Mexican culinary traditions with contemporary fare, paired with an expansive collection of classic and modern cocktails crafted from house-made ingredients. Curated street art animates the room, bringing a seductive and edgy ambiance — a design truly for the people.


$25 Gift Card

($27.50 VALUE)


$50 Gift Card

($55 VALUE)


$100 Gift Card ($110 VALUE)


$200 Gift Card ($220 VALUE)

To help the restaurants, with each gift card purchased, Cuculi will be adding an 

additional $10 credit (1000 points)* which can be used at ANY participating restaurants.

*Only applicable once for each person

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